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Freelance Tradeshow & Kiosk Design

Illustrated design of a tradebooth for the summer fair
Designing a tradestand : With my previous experience, designing an eye-catching and professional stand was important. The stands needed to represent the product, the brand and pull prospective buyers in from international business. Designing the stands was both an chance for freedom of creative thought and professional execution.

The items below show certain elements of my stand design that were built based upon my design and plan. I had to liase with the far-east team and very clear and concise information. This information was translated from a PDF to a finished piece.
tradestand design appliaction Stickers for a trade stand Tradeshows stickers for IdesignVector graphics for podium wrap

Gadget Factory for CeBIT 2012 : This illustration is a snapshot of of a gadget factory that was created to promote a range of products. The design encompassed the 'Goo' the gears and my large format illustrations (which pushed Photoshop's memory). The project below was excellent project for conceptulisation, collabration and creative design.
Catalogue Cover Design For Satzuma LTD

Retail Kiosk : In addition tradestands I have had the privilage to work on a kiosk which has featured in the Bluewater based on Kent. The kiosk built upon the design of of the gadget factory, encompassing a crane, cargo boxes and drums.
Kiosk design Application, Website & Branding for idesign

Kiosk & Tradestand Design Experience

Satzuma was a golden oppurtunity for me to spread my wings and develop. I was given the oppurtinuty to create not just stands but conumer experiences that would leave a lasting impression of the brand. Whilst being able to work on the stand design it developed my knowlege and skills project planning, design, creative direction and team collobration. Not only that, stand design was a huge team effort which I was proud to be part of and work along side.

"If nothing else, Satzuma proves that by doing things this way, you can attract attention in something as large and noisy as CES. Truly, when it comes to small business, if there's a skill, there's a way."

- Guy kawasaki – Former Chief Evangalist of Apple

Methods and approaches

  • When designing a stand I will factor in the design, the look, feel and the experience
  • Brand Personality - In addition to the above I will be considerate for the brand personality. This will be crucial in both the planning stages and the creation stages.
  • Budget - Discussing a budget is important, should you decide you would like my help in designing your stand or kiosk I will take the budget into consideration
  • Time Scales - This is also an important factor when creating your stand.
  • Important - Please note that I'm only able to design, plan and conceptualise your stand I will not be able to build it, manfacture or transport it to your show.

All design work, images on this page are copyright Satzuma LTD

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Freelance Tradestand & Kiosk Design

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