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Freelance 2D Motion & Animation Designer - based in London

Freelance 2D Motion Designer & Animation. Depending on whether you are looking for an 2D animator or motion designer to help out with your game, marketing campaign or kickstarter video I have the skills and experience to offer a captiviating motion work to suit your needs and budget. I have worked on 2D animation projects that have been used for commercial purposes to promote products and brands. This has both been on a freelance and basis and full-time in-house.

The animated gifs : this range of gifs give a quick snap shot of some of the projects I have worked on in my design career ranging from applications, interactive pieces and characters - these being on a freelance, contract to perm basis. The animations are generally created in either After Effects, Adobe Animate, or Photoshop or all of the the above.

Need a Freelance Animator Now ? Application, Website & Branding for idesign

Interactive Museum For East Looe Town Trust : This was application and interactive project created to demostrate what could be seen if you came to visit the museum in Looe. This was created on behalf of the Trustees - All Content Copyright ELTT.

Animated gif of interactive museum

Animated gif of game scene change

Animated Painting : This piece was created for a painter to show draw and attention to her work online. The animation was created in Adobe Flash (Animate) I did not work on the painting itself - only the animation . You can find more here artwork

Catalogue Cover Design For Satzuma LTD

Little Animated, Characters For Games: The animations and characters were created in After Effects and Adobe Animate. This is an example of something you could potentially use on a kickstarter page, webpage or game project. The software used was After Effects, Flash (Animate) and Photoshop.

Say hello to Chip!

Catalogue Cover Design For Satzuma LTD

Catalogue Cover Design For Satzuma LTD

You can see more on games design here

Freelance Motion Graphics & Digital Animation

If you are looking for a freelance or contract Motion & Animation Designer to help with your next motion project, game or Kickstarter. I would be more than happy to offer my skills and services. I am based in London, UK but more thanhappy to work anywhere.

I have experience in using motion software to bring an animated piece to life! So if you are looking to get a message across, make someone smile, roll their eyes or say "hey, that's cool" come and say hello. And if you are from outside the UK, that's not a problem either.

My Animation Services (Freelance & Contract)

  • Animated Visuals : As mentioned above, I can create motion graphics that aspire to meet your expectaions. If you have a storyboard or a brief to work to I can adhere to that. If you would like me to create a storyboardm I would also be more than happy to offer my services and consultation. I am happy to work remotely, onsite, freelance or contract.
  • Games - I studied 2D Digital Animation & Design at University and have since used my skills and knowledge in the commercial market. I have over 10 years of freelance and commercial experience. If you need a sprite sheet or animation I would may be able to help.
  • Flash (Adobe Animate ) and After effects - Originalyl training solely in Flash (now Animate) I have diversified my skills into using Adobe After Effects, an outstanding program for character animation, editing smaller scale motion projects and creating characters for the games.
  • Motion & Video - If you are looking for a video, a graphic or animation I can offer my skills.
  • Important - NDAs | I am more than happy to sign NDA's for your animation project, this can be verbal or written.

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Freelance Motion & Animation Designer

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